Is Your Ex Worth Fighting For Or Are You Better Off Without Them?

Boyfriend And Girlfriend Holding Hands

Sometimes, we don’t get what we want for a reason.  Sometimes that’s a really good thing.  It may not feel like it at the time, but in certain situations, a breakup is the best thing that can happen to you.

So what should you do?  Is your ex worth fighting for?  Should you try to win him or her back?  Or are you better off without them?  The reason you broke up is often the most crucial factor needed to answer that question.

In writing about his Text Your Ex Back system, relationship author Mike Fiore explains this concept quite well…

This course is for you if you legitimately miss and appreciate your ex, feel like you’ve got a real connection, and feel like the reasons you broke up are things you can resolve, accept, or move past.

This course is not for you if . . . well, let’s just be blunt about this …This course isn’t for you if the only reason you want your ex back is for your own vanity and ego.

As you go through this material you’ll figure out that some of what I teach you is pretty manipulative. I use a lot of human psychology to re-awaken your ex’s attraction and help him or her “decide” they want to give you another shot. It’s powerful stuff, and I want you to use it for good.

If you want to use it for evil, I’d really prefer you delete this guide from your hard drive and we not have anything to do with each other again. If you’re abusive (emotionally or physically), a serial cheater who can’t be honest (if you want to sleep with multiple people, own up to it), or, well, an asshole . . . I’d rather you go the hell away and leave your ex in peace.

If your ex was abusive, either emotionally or physically, that’s also a different story. In that case you should NOT be trying to get back together with them in any way, and you should find a qualified counselor or therapist to help you put the pieces of your self-esteem back together properly. I’m totally serious here.

Got it?

OK, let’s move on . . .

So is your ex worth fighting for?  Let’s analyze what Michael said and apply it to that question.

The first line is very revealing.  Do you miss your ex?  Do you appreciate them?  Do you feel like you have a real connection?  Are the problems in your relationship things you can resolve and move past?

If you answered “Yes” to each of those questions, then your ex is definitely worth fighting for.

On the other hand, if you’re only trying to get back together for your own ego boost, are an asshole, a serial cheater who can’t come clean, or emotionally or physically abusive, then you should leave your ex alone.  The same is true if your ex is an asshole, a serial cheater, or abusive towards you.

Remember, your old relationship is dead.  That relationship was dead as soon as your ex dumped you.  You are now two different people.  It doesn’t matter if it was 2 minutes, 2 hours, 2 days, or 2 years ago.

If you want to fight for your ex, let go of your past relationship and focus on building a new, better relationship with him or her; one built on love, trust, commitment, and validation that can endure where the previous one fell flat.

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Are Unrealistic Expectations Keeping You From Seeing The Amazing Women Right In Front Of You?

If you’re prone to having unrealistic expectations, dating can be a miserable thing.  Sometimes it’s easy to forget everyone is human.  We all make mistakes.  We all have faults, flaws, and imperfections.  Nobody is perfect.

Woman Kissing A Man On The CheekIf you’re a good guy who can’t seem to get a girlfriend, it might be time to take a step back and re-examine the situation.  Are women everywhere rejecting you left and right or are you setting your standards so high, you can’t even see all the great women trying to get your attention?

Every guy fantasizes about having a “perfect 10” as his girlfriend.  You know the type.  Perfect looks.  Perfect body.  Smart, funny, emotionally stable, always ready for sex, and not needy in any way.  But if that’s you, it’s time to stop living in a fantasy world.

Don’t get me wrong, programs like the Girlfriend Activation System work awesome if you want an incredible girlfriend, but the truth is, no woman is perfect.  And no man is either.  Most people aren’t 10’s and they certainly aren’t 10’s in every way.  For example, you might find a woman with a 10 body and a 5 personality.  Or maybe she has a 10 sense of humor, but she’s only a 6 in the looks department.  Or maybe she’s only 7’s across the board (which definitely isn’t a bad thing).

My point is simply this: when it comes to dating, you can’t be so picky that you end up shutting out some pretty incredible dating prospects.  After all, are you a 10 in every way?  No?  Then, why would you expect your date to be a 10 in every way?

We all have our faults, flaws, and imperfections, and that’s ok.  You need to be ok with some shortcomings in your date, especially if you want her to be ok with your own shortcomings.  It doesn’t mean you have to settle.  It just means you can’t expect perfection because no one will ever live up to that.

Start by identifying your deal-breakers.  What are the things you simply can’t accept in a relationship?  What type of woman would you NEVER date?

Does she need to have a perfect body or is a little overweight ok?  If she has a perfect body, is it ok if she’s kind of standoffish and doesn’t have a great sense of humor?

What if she’s smoking hot, but dumb as a box of rocks?  Does she need to have two college degrees to keep your attention?  I think you get where I’m going with this.  At some point, you may need to compromise or you could spend a lifetime looking for someone who doesn’t actually exist.

When it comes to attracting the type of woman you’d want to turn into a girlfriend, you have to look at the whole package and not reject someone just because they have a couple of imperfections.  When you reject women who are great, but not perfect, you are setting yourself up to lose out on some pretty incredible relationships.

Finding a great woman is hard enough.  Don’t shoot yourself in the foot by rejecting imperfect women.  It’s ok to be picky when you’re talking about finding the potential “love of your life”.  Just don’t be unrealistic.

Here’s the web’s best kept secret for getting an amazing girlfriend…

Tap Into Your Man’s Mind And Turn Him On Using The Language Of Desire

Are you looking for ways to entice your man and make him want you even more?

Woman Turning Her Man On With Dirty TalkYou might know physical erogenous zones you can touch to turn him on, but did you know that his mind is an erogenous zone as well? It’s true, and many women unfortunately don’t realize that!

But now that you know this secret, you can learn how to tap into his mind and trigger his sexual appetite. This will likely lead to giving him an experience that will blow his mind, and make you the woman of his dreams.

Fortunately this is not rocket science, but something you can easily do by following the steps that are listed below. Additional information on how to easily turn a man on using words alone can be found at this link:

1. Discover Naughty Talk

You know it, your friends know it, heck, your grandma probably even knows it: dirty talk is key for men.

But what if you’re not comfortable or experienced with dirty talk? Don’t worry!

This is something that doesn’t have to be done to perfection; all you have to do is put in some effort. What you’re trying to do is arouse his mind, so start off by telling him something obvious, like “you’re making me hot”.

If you’re more experienced with dirty talk, then go into a description of what you want to do with him, and express your desires or how much you want him.

Ideas for what to say:

– You turn me on
– You’re incredibly handsome
– I can’t wait to get my hands on you
– I’m going to kiss you from head to toe

2. Focus On Him

Men like to know that they are appreciated, so tell him!

Let him know that he makes you feel like the most important person in the world, and that he gives you confidence that nobody else ever could. Feed him compliments, but make sure they aren’t anything to do with his looks.

Focus on how he makes you feel, and the fact that you know he sacrifices/works hard for your life together. This is going to make him feel like he’s the king of the world, and that’s going to increase your bond together and make you both feel incredibly connected.

Believe it or not this can give you more intimacy in the bedroom as well, because he’ll know that you only want him.

Ideas for what to say:

– You mean the world to me
– Thank you for working so hard
– I need you
– I appreciate how hard you work
– I feel safe in your arms

3. Express Your Pleasure

Now that you’ve tapped into your man’s mind and have shown him how much you love and need him in general, you’ll need to express how pleased you are with him in bed.

Men want to please women, and by telling him how good he makes you feel, he’ll have a LOT more confidence in between the sheets. Tell him how satisfying he is, and when he’s doing something you really like.

By validating his skills in bed, you’ll turn him on more than you ever have before.

Believe it or not, these three steps can help you have a closer, more intimate relationship with your partner. You’ll be connecting in new ways, and that is one of the keys to having a stronger relationship.

If you want to learn more about love, sex, and how to turn your man on like never before, then take advantage of the program, Language of Desire. It’s packed full of amazing techniques for getting your man hot for you…and only you!